Advanced Full Arch Guided Surgery


This course is for doctors, lab techs, and axillaries wanting to master all aspects of full arch guided surgery. This course is pre-recorded from Australia 2023.

Purchase of the course includes:

  • Recording of the 2 day course
  • All slides
  • All practice cases
  • Video tutorials
  • Stackable STL guide files
  • Many other useful STL files
  • All the files from my level 1 course

Pre-requisites: This is an advanced course so participants should already understand the basics of Blue Sky Plan and designing simple guides. 

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a systematic diagnostic and treatment planning approach that begins with the end result in mind that you can use for every case, every time.
  • Learn to digitally design an ideal, patient specific dentition and translate that into beautiful waxups and immediate load prosthetics
  • Learn what data you must obtain along with how to integrate and store that data
  • Discuss the value of 2D simulations and facial scans in the treatment planning process
  • Master free software (Blue Sky Plan and Meshmixer) that can be used for designing guides and prosthetics entirely in house
  • Understand the various full arch prosthetic options from fixed crown and bridge (FP1) to fixed hybrids and removable overdentures and how the approach will differ for each
  • Explore guided kits and surgical approaches that will help you perform efficient and minimally traumatic surgeries
  • Learn when bone reduction is indicated and the various options for bone reduction guides
  • Learn staged approaches using serial extractions
  • Understand the various options for bone segmentation
  • Learn how to make complex full arch guides using both a swappable and a stackable approach
  • Review options for fabricating guides through printing and milling as well as when it makes sense to outsource the fabrication.
  • Gain an understanding of immediate load protocols and ways to reduce risks and complications
  • Hands on exercises designing multiple types of full arch guides including soft tissue supported, bone supported, and stackable guides
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