Advanced Guided Surgery Course – August 2024

August 9-10th, 2024


This is an advanced course so participants should already understand the basics of Blue Sky Plan and designing simple guides. Participants should bring their own powerful laptop to design cases in the hands-on portion. (Min specs: 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA 1070 video card, or equivalent, with 4GB dedicated memory, i7 processor).

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a systematic diagnostic and treatment planning approach that begins with the end result in mind that you can use for every case, every time.

  • Learn to digitally design an ideal, patient specific dentition and translate that into beautiful wax-ups and immediate load prosthetics

  • Learn what data you must obtain along with how to integrate and store that data.

  • Discuss the value of 2D simulations and facial scans in the treatment planning process

  • Master free software (Blue Sky Plan and Meshmixer) that can be used for designing guides and prosthetics entirely in-house

  • Understand the various full arch prosthetic options from fixed crown and bridge (FP1) to fixed hybrids and removable overdentures and how the approach will differ for each.

  • Explore guided kits and surgical approaches that will help you perform efficient and minimally traumatic surgeries

  • Learn when bone reduction is indicated and the various options for bone reduction guides.

  • Learn staged approaches using serial extractions.

  • Understand the various options for bone segmentation.

  • Learn how to make complex full arch guides using both a swappable and a stackable approach

  • Review options for fabricating guides through printing and milling as well as when it makes sense to outsource the fabrication.

  • Gain an understanding of immediate load protocols and ways to reduce risks and complications.

  • Hands-on exercises designing multiple types of full arch guides including soft tissue-supported, bone-supported, and stackable guides

  • Much more…..

Each registered Dentist Receives:

  • 25+ hours of tutorial training videos to reference after the course

  • All PowerPoint slides

  • Split file parameters to print or mill in-house

  • iMetric4D workflow videos

CE HOURS: 20 hours AGD CODE 690

COURSE LOCATION: The Glenn Farm,  1020 Boyanton Drive, Sewanee, TN


COURSE SPEAKERS: Drs. Domingue and Glenn


Additional information


Dentist, Dental Assistant/Lab Technician

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