Comprehensive Guided Surgery

Comprehensive Guided Surgery Course-July 2024

Two-day hands-on software-based course covering all aspects of guided surgery utilizing Blue Sky Bio software. This course requires no previous experience.


Comprehensive Guided Surgery Course- September 2024


September 14-15th, 2024Two-day hands-on software-based course covers all aspects of guided surgery. This course requires no previous experience.

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Advanced Guided Surgery

Advanced Guided Surgery Course

This course is for dentists, technicians, and auxiliaries with an advanced understanding of guided surgery and implant placement who want to learn how to diagnose, plan, and fabricate all the components to execute a complex full arch, immediate load implant case.


Advanced Restorative/Exocad Course

This course will begin before the student even reaches Puebla with a comprehensive online curriculum taught by Dr. Cory Glenn. We will then travel together to the WIIC Center in Puebla, Mexico for four days of intensive live training, during which the student will perform hands-on procedures, design, create and seat the restorations required to complete the procedures. The procedures included: crown, bridge, and a guided single implant. Upon returning home the students will be able to utilize EXOCAD and other training modalities to fabricate their own restorations based upon the particular equipment that they have in their own offices

Pre-Recorded Australia Course

***PRE-RECORDED*** Advanced Full Arch Guided Surgery

This is an advanced course so participants should already understand the basics of Blue Sky Plan and designing simple guides. 

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